Solutions: ZOLL Medical Corporation

"Jim has been the ultimate 'go-to guy' for our department. He's always ready and willing to help us with whatever crazy projects or deadlines we throw his way. We're very thankful for his efforts and his continued support."

Chris Pearlstein
Corporate Marketing Communications Manager,
ZOLL Medical Corporation

Since 1997, we've worked closely with ZOLL's marketing, sales, and customer service departments, as well as with their distributors, subsidiaries, and vendors to create everything from marketing collateral, trade show graphics, internal sales productions, and more.

It's another example of how beneficial a long-term relationship with a virtual team member really is. When you have a source that knows your team, your products, and your messaging, they have the ability to jump in at a moment's notice and nobody misses a beat.

So how can we pick only six projects to illustrate the scope of projects we've completed with ZOLL? It's impossible, so pictured to the right are six notable projects. Hardly a complete representation, but rules are rules: six images per client. Just know...if it's a service we offer, we've done it for ZOLL.